The Three Mounds? Run in a Nutshell

Open Krakow International Mountain Run Championship ? The Three Mounds? Run is a sports-recreational event taking place every year in October; its route is characterized by considerable diversification of the terrain. Participants run among three Krakow?s mounds: Krakusa, Kościuszki and Piłsudskiego Mound. The run starts on the Lasota Hill, and it ends on the Sowiniec Hill. This exceptional event is organized by the Municipality of Krakow and the Sports Infrastructure Management Board of Krakow.

The Three Mounds' Run is recognized as the so-called Anglo-Saxon version of the mountain run, where the route goes alternately up and down. It differs from the alpestrine version, where the route goes upward only.
Beginning of the Three Mounds' Run route is located at the foot of the Krakus Mound; later participants head toward the Podgórski Market and next, they run through the Bernatka overpass and through Vistula Boulevards they head towards Salwator, where they turn into Kościuszki Street and next, they turn the other way and run on the Waszyngtona Alley to the Saint Bronisława Hill (next to the Kościuszki Mound), from where they go through the Wolski Forest to the finish line located at the Piłsudskiego Mound.
The start is located at 269 metres above mean sea level, the lowest point of the route amounts to 199 metres above mean sea level and the finish line is located at 358 metres above mean sea level. It results in the difference of levels amounting to 160 metres. In addition, participants run on a diversified surface, both on hard-paved roads and on earth roads (25% of the length of the route). Maximum time for completing the 13-kilomentres route is about 2,5h.
Everybody can apply for participation in the Three Mounds' Run, both professionals and amateurs. Participants are divided into several age categories; moreover, there is the open classification of men and women. Also adolescents who on the date of the run are 17 years old can participate in the run. To participate in the event, it is enough to fill in the Internet application form.
Every participant at the start receives the so-called starting package, comprising the occasional T-shirt, start number of the participant and mineral water. After participants reach the finish line, all of them receive a medal or diploma of participation, best runners receive the Mayor of Krakow's cups, financial awards and attractive material awards.