The statute of Mini Cracovia Marathon


1. The event takes place under the patronage of the President of Cracow.
2. The organizer of Mini Marathon is Cracow Municipality, The Board of Sports Infrastructure in Cracow.
3. The sports patron of Mini Marathon is Robert Korzeniowski


1. Mini Marathon takes place 24 April, 2010.

2. The participants start from Aleja 3 Maja street on Krakowskie Błonia at 3.00 p.m.

3. The length of the Mini Marathon is 4200 m and consists of one lap around Krakowskie Błonia.

1. To participate in Mini Marathon the participant must have finished 12 years old by 24 april, 2010.

2. The term of participation in Mini Marathon is to fulfill the application by 24 April, 2010 before 2:00 p.m.

During the registration the participants are obliged to deliver the signed declaration that they can start in the marathon and that their condition allows them to compete in the run. In case of minor adolescents there is a consent of parents or legal supervisor needed.

The organizer doesn't take any responsibility in case of unfortunate accidents during the marathon.

5.  The classification of the participant is possible under the condition of accomplishing the route of the run.

6. The cloakroom and storage room for clothes will be situated close to the start line. The participants can leave there their private stuff packed into the bags (bags will be delivered by the organizers). The cloakroom and the storage room will be open 25 April since 7:00 a.m. until 4.00 p.m. The participants will gain the bag after showing the entry number. The organizers don't take responsibility for the loss of entry number's certificate and handing over the stuff to wrong person.

7. The participants agree to process their private data and their public image in the advertisement and promotional materials by the organizers of the marathon.

The applications for participation in Cracovia Mini Marathon are registered:
a. by the means of application form on the website of Cracovia Marathon - the deadline is 22 April, 2010 at 12.00 a.m. Each candidate has to fulfill and send the online application, sign the declaration and pay the entry fee.
b. in the Championship's Office on 23 and 24 April, 2010. Each candidate has to fulfill there the application, sign the declaration and pay the entry fee.

2.     The confirmation of application's receipt would be published on the organizer's website: .

3.    The entry fee costs 25PLN. On no account can the entry fee be returned.

4.     The entry fee can be paid:

the number of the bank account for payments in PLN and Euro:
Receiver: Zarząd Infrastruktury Sportowej w Krakowie

Address: ul. Walerego Sławka 10, 30-633 Kraków
Bank Pekao S.A. o/Kraków 19 1240 4432 1111 0010 2296 0013

b. in the Marathon's Office on  23 and 24 April, 2010.

5. The entry fee includes the receiving of the starter package. The starter package includes:

- T-Shirt
- bag for storage of clothes and private stuff

6. The organizers don't take responsibility for lost applications as well as the money transfer's loss caused by post/bank.

7. The verification of the participants, collecting the starter packages together with entry numbers and complimentary applications will be held in the Championship's Office.
Each participant has to collect the starter package personally. To collect the starter package, the participant will have to show the ID or the passport together with the payment's certificate (the certificate has to be shown by non-verified participants).

3. The Championship's Office will be situated inside the Marathon's Village on Krakowskie Błonia at Al. 3 Maja street. The opening days and hours:
23.04.2010 between 12:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
24.04.2010 between 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.


1. During Cracovia Mini Marathon the following classification will be held:
a. Open for Women and Men
b. According to the age categories for Women and Men

W 12-15 M 12-15  (1995-1998)
W 16-17 M 16-17 (1993-1994)
W 18-19 M 18-19 (1991-1992)
W 20-29 M 20-29 (1981-1990)
W 30-39 M 30-39 (1971-1980)
W 40-49 M 40-49 (1961-1970)
W 50-59 M 50-59 (1951-1960)
W 60-69 M 60-69 (1941-1950)
W 70 and older M 70 and older (1940 and older)

1. Each participant who accomplishes the run in the statutory time will receive the commemorative medal.
2. The prizes sponsored by the patrons of marathon in the general Women and Men classification:
I place - bonds - 700PLN
II place - bonds - 600PLN
III place - bonds - 500PLN

The  prizes in the age categories.

I place - bonds- 200PLN
II place - bonds- 100PLN
III place - bonds - 50PLN

4. Runners who receive prizes in general category, dont receive prizes in age categories.

5.  The Championship Cups
sponsored by Cracow City will be given to:

the winner of three first places in the open Women and Men category


1. The costs of the Cracovia Mini Marathon's organization are covered by Cracow Municipality, the sponsors and Partners

2. The costs of entry fee and other communication fees are covered by the participants (in groups or individually)


1. The participants of Cracovia Mini Marathon are obliged to comply with following statute.

2. The participants are obliged to have the entry numbers given by the organizer attache to the front side of the T-shirt during the run. Covering the entry number partly or completely is illegal and results in disqualification of the participant.

3. The written complaints are collected by the Marathon's Office before 5 p.m. on the day of the marathon.

4. Director of Cracovia Mini Marathon reserves the right of changing the statute and informing the participants before the start of the event.

5. Collecting the starter package is equivalent to accepting the statute of the marathon.