The Board?s Largest Development Project

Everyone who wishes can run, swim, play football, basketball, volleyball or tennis, or actively spend free time in their favourite ways. There are ever more places and buildings in Krakow suitable for such activities. Those places are executed by the Sport Infrastructure Management Board of Krakow.

The Hutnik stadium hosted the Wisła and Cracovia football teams. With a budget of 6.5 million zlotys, the development was executed in less than 5 months. Grandstands, the club building and the car park were all modernised. Masts were erected, and floodlights were brought in from the Cracovia venue. In addition, new turf was laid down together with heating equipment, and security and monitoring systems were installed.

The Com-Com Zone Development Centre boasts 6 thousand square metres. It was opened in September 2008 at a cost of 35 million zlotys. The venue includes a multipurpose sports hall, a swimming pool, three practice rooms, a wellequipped gym, a leisure centre, and space for educational and therapeutic activities.

The speedway at the KS Wanda has been thoroughly rebuilt, as well as the accompanying infrastructure and main grandstand. The sports dormitories have also been restored and expanded. The total budget was 3.5 million zlotys.
We are planning to install floodlights from the Wisła stadium (cost: 2 million zlotys) and build a full-size, floodlit artificial football pitch with changing rooms (cost: ca. 3 million zlotys).

As part of the modernisation of the ice-skating rink at Siedleckiego Street, supervised by the Board, the south grandstand and infrastructure were opened. A new rink surface will also be installed with freezing equipment, as well as infrastructure at the east and north grandstands. The budget for the development project is 15 million zlotys.

The competition for the execution of the architectural project "Multipurpose sports and events hall with accompanying infrastructure" proposes that it should accommodate around 4 thousand spectators and will be built on a site at 22 Reymonta Street. By resolution of the Malopolska Regional Board, Krakow Municipality has been designated a beneficiary of the 8 million Euro European Union funding, allocated for the execution of this project. The budget for the entire development project is estimated at around 55 million zlotys.
Małe Błonia will be the site of KS Cracovia 100th Anniversary Sports Hall with the Sports Centre for People with Disabilities. The hall will be multipurpose, with a playing area of 44 x 26 metres, audience seating 800, changing facilities, washrooms, a gym, and 14 hotel rooms. The hall will be fully adapted for use by people with all types of disabilities. The construction budget is 40 million zlotys. The Board is seeking an investor for a Public-Private Partnership.

The construction of a venue at Eisenberga Street is to be financed in a similar manner. The plans include an Olympic-sized swimming pool (50 metres long), with grandstands for 3000 spectators. The building will also house a fitness area and a restaurant, as well as an outdoor swimming and leisure area. An underground car park is also planned. The total cost of the development project is estimated at around 80 million zlotys.

An attractive and functional swimming pool at the Kurdwanów Nowy Sports and Leisure Centre was opened on 20 May 2008. The total cost of the development was 15 million zlotys. A similar venue will be created by 2012 in the Prokocim district at Kurczaba Street.
A football pitch with grandstands is already functioning at the Sidzina Centre for Health, Culture, Sports, and Leisure. A building with dormitories, kitchen areas and changing rooms is near completion, as well as a multifunction, floodlit, artificial sports field and car park. The budget for the development project is 5 million zlotys.