The Biggest in Poland Marathon without Barriers

From its very beginnings, the Cracovia Marathon supported the participation of the disabled. At the same time it is the largest in Poland marathon in terms of the number of disabled participants. It is unusual that the run gathers both visually impaired, partially sighted or those on wheelchairs, who succeed on the marathon distance of 42 km 195 m! The exceptional nature of the Cracovia Marathon is visible in the continuously increasing number of disabled persons? applications, both from Poland and from abroad.

Participants on wheelchairs, who come to the Cracovia Marathon, compete in many categories for men and women: Hand Bike (hand wheelchair with chain transmission), Rim Push (sports wheelchair), Active Wheelchair (active wheelchair). Sight-impaired participants are supported by guides who run with them arm in arm joined with a very thin rope. Stanisław Spólnik is one of such guides, who thanks to his function has run over one hundred kilometres and, encouraging others, he says: "The unusual nature of this marathon is based in the fact that it is a form of competition and at the same time it is popular. Professionals run along with amateurs and everyone can find its place there."
The city of Krakow during the marathon hosted participants from all over Poland, and form abroad. Participants came from among others the Czech Republic, Great Britain, Egypt or the USA. What is important, all the disabled participants are exempted from start payments and they can benefit from the aid in accommodation search.
Without any barriers or inhibitions we will participate together in the Cracovia Marathon!