of the Board of Infrastructure in Cracow

Section I. General rules.

§ 1.

The Board of Infrastructure in Cracow, called then ZIS, is a standalone organizational unit of Cracow Municipality which does not possess any legal status and acts as an apart budget unit. 

§ 2.

1. ZIS Has its headquarters and acts on the area of Cracow City.
2. The activity of ZIS is controlled by the President of Cracow City.

Section II. Aims and tasks of ZIS.

§ 3.

The activities of ZIS involve organizing, realizing and conducting the projects which comply with financial schedule and concern:

1/ performing investing functions for investment projects which are realized by Cracow Municipality within its scope,

2/ performing the city's tasks concerning the physical culture which would make effective use of the property given,

3/ managing the sports objects, recreational and sports equipment as well as recreational and sports sites who belong to Cracow Municipality, 
4/ making the sports-recreational basis accessible (including chargeable access) to the city citizens and those who are interested in using it, for example: sports associations and sports bonds, schools etc.
5/ exploitation and restoration of already existing sports and recreational basis and developing it,
6/other tasks ordered by the city if it is indispensable to satisfy people's needs and other organizational units of Cracow Municipality,
7/ creating the conditions enabling the access of sports-recreational basis and promoting sport and recreation among children, school youth and disabled persons,
8/ organization of sports events, recreational events and sports-recreational competitions,
9/ promoting the positive ideas concerning spending free time, promoting healthy way of living which corresponds with harmonious growth of youth and children and improving their sports skills - to inspire them with fondness of for sport and recreation
10/ Tasks, which are mentioned in § 3 point 2, 3 and 5-9 ZIS realizes through outer objects. Realization of particular tasks by own means needs to be each time separately approved by President of Cracow City.

§ 4.

The other activities of ZIS include performing tasks concerning defend of the country within the scope of ZIS provided some other organizational units of Cracow Municipality are not entrusted with them.

§ 5.

The aim being to realize all the statutory tasks ZIS cooperates with organizational units of Cracow City, other organizational entities in Cracow and appropriate authorities of the support units of Cracow City.

Section III. Organization and management in ZIS.

§ 6.

1. ZIS is managed by the head director who has the full responsibility for the institution's activities and its results.
2. Director of ZIS, who is chosen in the recruitment process, is employed and made redundant by the President of Cracow. The director of ZIS has a master degree in appropriate specialization which enables him to carrying the tasks at this post.
3. Director represents Cracow Municipality within the framework of ZIS on the outside on the basis of power of attorney from President of Cracow.
4. Director of ZIS legally represents Cracow Municipality within the framework of ZIS in front of law courts, administrative courts and other institutions who pass verdicts concerning the tasks and activities within ZIS scope and further cases of power of attorney according to laws which are in force.

§ 7.

The detailed scope of ZIS activities, including the organizational structure, is to be fund in the organizational statutory who is presented by ZIS Director and approved by President of Cracow City.

§ 8.

1.ZIS is a employer according to the regulations of labour law. ZIS Director performs all the activities which are related to the labour law in the name of ZIS.

2. Deputies of ZIS Director are employed by the ZIS Director with Cracow President's consent.
3. Work statutory and payment statutory for ZIS employees are brought in by the ZIS Director.

Section IV. Financial economy of ZIS

§ 9.

1. ZIS is a budget unit and works according to the rules defined in the law act concerning public finance and executive regulations that follow.
2. ZIS works according to the annual financial schedule which complies with enacted budgetary law.
3. ZIS realizes tasks which are financed by the financial means from the enacted  budgetary law.
4. Financial means for the projects of ZIS, which were described in § 3,are passed on to the ZIS account which is LED by the bank chosen by the Cracow Municipality to manage the budgetary funds. The means can be used by ZIS up to the limit of planned budgetary schedule.

§ 10.

Statutory changes are made according to the regulations which were in force during its establishing.