Rules RMF CUP Race


of the RMF FM cup race


1. Purpose of the Event

The purpose of the event is to promote running as the simplest way of active recreation and healthy lifestyle of the inhabitants of Krakow and the entire region.

2. Time and place

a. 27 April 2013 Błonia Park in Krakow
b. Start: 1:30 PM
c. The Race Office: 27 April 2013 The tent at Błonia Park, Krakow
opening hours: 8.00 AM - 12.30 PM

3. Organizer

Municipality of Krakow
Sports Infrastructure Management Board of Krakow.

4. Distance

a. Distance: 3.550 meters
b. Course: the promenade at Błonia Park, Krakow
c. All Participants should finish the race before 2 PM

5. Conditions of participation

a. All runners must complete a registration form.
b. To enter the race you must be born before the year 2005.
c. The Participants must have a current medical examination or submit a written health declaration allowing them to enter the race.
d. Minors must have a written parental consent.
e. The Organizer sets a limit of: 3.000 Participants
f. The race is free of charge.

6. Application for participation

a. Complete the registration form on the race website before 24 April 2013, 11:59 PM
b. Register at the Race Office on 27 April 2013, before 12:00 PM

7. Prizes

a. The best female and male runners will be awarded a trophy and a prize funded by RMF FM
b. The next two finishers (females and males) will receive bicycles.
c. All finishers will receive gifts from the RMF FM.
d. The RMF FM radio station is the main sponsor of the prizes.

8. Organizer's declaration

a. All Participants will receive a T-shirt and a start number, issued at the Race Office.
The Participants are required to wear the T-shirts during the race.
b. The course shall be appropriately marked.
c. The Organizer shall be responsible for providing emergency rescue services during the Event.
d. For the purposes of time measurement the start numbers will have an electronic chip attached to them.

9. Final notes

a. The Participants must follow the Terms & Conditions and General Safety Instructions, as well as comply with the instructions of the Organizers and police authorities.
b. During the race the Participants are required to have the start numbers pinned in front of a starting T-shirt.
c. The Participants that attempt to finish the race in a prohibited manner shall be disqualified.
d. The Event shall take place regardless of the weather conditions.
e. The Participants shall agree for their personal data to be processed for the internal purposes of the Organizer; the Participants allow for their image to be used in information and promotional materials.
f. The Organizer reserves the right to change the Terms and Regulations of the Event. The Participants shall be notified of any change hereto no later than before the start.

All Participants take part in the Event at their own risk. The Organizer does not provide any insurance against accidents. The Participants are advised to insure themselves against accidents on their own.