Rules Cracovia Mini Marathon


1. The Event promotes integration between family members of different generations. Its purpose is to: promote fair play and competition among children and adolescents; promote running as the most common and easily accessible form of recreation available to people of all age groups.


1. The event is held under the patronage of the Mayor of Krakow.
2. The Cracovia Mini Marathon is organized by the Municipality of Krakow, Sports Infrastructure Management Board of Krakow.


1. The Mini Marathon will take place on 27 April 2013 (Saturday)
2. The race begins on Aleja 3 Maja in Błonia Park, Krakow, at 3 PM
3. The course of the Mini Marathon is 4.200 m - one lap around Błonia Park, Krakow


1. There are no age limitations for the Participants of the Mini Marathon.
2. To enter the Mini Marathon the Participants must apply for participation before 1 PM, 27 April 2013.
3. The Participants must submit a declaration allowing them to participate in the race. Minors should also submit a parental consent for the participation.
4. The Organizer does not provide any insurance against accidents.
5. Only Participants who complete the race will be listed in the standings.
6. Changing rooms and a clothes deposit will be located in the area of the finish line and shall collect Participants' personal belongings put in bags (supplied by the Organizer). Changing rooms and a clothes deposit will be open on 27 April between, between 1 PM and 5 PM. Personal belongings put in bags shall be returned the Participants upon presenting a starting number. The Organizer is not responsible for lost starting numbers and bags collected by other persons.
7. The Participants agree for their personal data to be processed for the internal purposes of the Organizer; the Participants allow for their image to be used in information and promotional materials.
8. The disabled may participate in the race, including persons in wheelchairs.
9. The Organizer allows for entering the race with a stroller


1. The application process for the Mini Marathon may be completed in the following way:
a. submitting , no later than 12 PM, 24 April 2013a valid on-line registration form (there is a separate form for the Family Race), signing an appropriate declaration and paying the entry fee.
b. Completing the registration form, signing an appropriate declaration and paying the entry fee at the Race Office on 26-27 April 2013
2. Registration confirmations shall be posted on
3. The entry fee is:

PLN 25 before 04.24.2013
PLN 50 between 04.26.2013 and 04.27.2013

20% of the fee for the Krakow Family Card holders - a valid card along with an ID shall be presented during the verification process in the Race Office
4. The entry fees are non-refundable
5. The entry fee shall be paid:
a. to the bank account, no later than on 24 April 2013
Recipient: Zarząd Infrastruktury Sportowej w Krakowie, ul. Walerego Sławka 10,
30-633 Kraków
Bank Pekao S.A. o/Kraków 19 1240 4432 1111 0010 2296 0013
Individuals who wish to receive a VAT invoice should provide the Organizer with their personal data along with a proof of payment within 4 days of the date of payment and to the e-mail address:
b. in the Race Office on 26-27 April 2013.
6. Upon paying the entry fee all Participants receive a starting kit.
7. The Organizer is not responsible for the lost/invalid registration forms and/or postal money order/bank transfer resulting from the negligence of the post office/bank.
8. The Participants' verification process, collecting race kits with start numbers and additional registration shall be done at the Race Office. The Participants shall personally collect their respective starting kits. The starting kits shall be issued upon presenting a valid ID or passport, as well as a proof of entry fee payment.
9. The Race Office will be located at the lobby below the west stand of the Henryk Reyman Municipal Stadium (Wisła Kraków Stadium). Opening hours:

04.26.2013 between12 PM and 5:00 PM
04.27.2013 between 10:00 AM and 1:00 PM

10. The Organizer sets a limit of: 2.000 participants - based on the order of payments received


1. The following classification shall be kept during the Cracovia Mini Marathon:
a. open: females and males
b. age categories:
F 12-15 M 12-15 (born between 1998 and 2001)
F 16-17 M 16-17 (born between 1996 and 1997)
F 18-19 M 18-19 (born between 1994 and 1995)
F 20-29 M 20-29 (born between 1984 and 1993)
F 30-39 M 30-39 (born between 1974 and 1983)
F 40-49 M 40-49 (born between 1964 and 1973)
F 50-59 M 50-59 (born between 1954 and 1963)
F 60-69 M 60-69 (born between 1944 and 1953)
F 70+ M 70+ (born in 1943 and before this date)


1. There is a Family Race organized as part of the Piotr Gładki Cracovia Mini Marathon.
2. The race starts at 3 PM and takes place on the same course as the Piotr Gładki Cracovia Mini Marathon
3. Mixed teams with a minimum of 4 persons are allowed to take part in the race.
4. The teams must include at least:
a. one child - a person below the age of 18 as for 27 April 2013
b. one of the parents or grandparents
5. All team members must be closely related. The team captain - a person above the age 18 - signs a declaration confirming team members affinity.
6. All team members must have at least one piece of clothing of the same color (a T-shirt, jacket or cap) that will help to identify their family.
7. The entry fee is: PLN 25 per team The number of Participants in one team does not influence the entry fee
8. The final result is calculated based on the four best results achieved by the members of a given team.
9. The team with the lowest time total wins the race.
10. In case two teams have the same time results the team with the lower last time wins the race.
11. The starting limit depends on the limit of the Piotr Gładki.
12. The Family Race has separate categories and prizes.
a. Three best teams shall be awarded prizes in the Family Race category. The Organizer will provide material prizes for the winners.
13. The Participants of the Family Race shall confirm their participation by showing (the entire time) at the post marked "Family Race" (Polish: Bieg Rodzinny)
14. The Participants of the Family Race are also required to follow the following points of the Piotr Gładki Cracovia Mini Marathon: I; II; III; IV; V 1,2,4-10; IX; X 2-5 .


1. All Participants who complete the race will receive a commemorative medal.
2. The prizes funded by the sponsors in the general category for females and males:
1st place -
2nd place -
3rd place -
4th place -
5th place -
6th place -
3. Age categories - prizes:
The winners in the general category are not eligible for prizes in their respective age categories.
4. The trophies funded by the Mayor of Krakow will be awarded to:
a. the first three finishers starting in the open category for females and males.


1. The costs of the Mini Marathon are covered by: The Municipality of Krakow and Sponsors
2. The entry fees and transportation costs shall be covered by the Participants individually or as a group.


1. The Participants of the Mini Marathon are required to follow the present Terms & Conditions.
2. During the race the Participants are required to have the start numbers provided by the Organizer; the start numbers must be pinned in the front of a starting T-shirt. Covering the start number partially or in full is unacceptable and shall result in a disqualification.
3. Any written complaints following the payment of a deposit amounting to PLN 100 must be submitted to the Race Office before 5:00 PM on the day of the race. The deposit will be reimbursed after accepting the complaint.
4. The XII Cracovia Marathon Director reserves the right to change the Terms & Conditions. The Participants shall be notified of any change hereto before the race.
5. All persons collecting their starting kits and signing the declaration automatically agree to the present Terms & Conditions.