Route Tailored to Europe

In 2003, on the premises of the Kolna Sport and Recreation Centre in Krakow, one of the most modern kayak routes in Europe was constructed. This site is functioning as the Slalom Kayak Continental Training Centre under the auspices of the International Canoe Federation and as the Olympic Preparations Centre of the Polish Canoeing Association.

The 320 metres long Kayak Route is equipped with mobile water installations with the possibility of their modification; they can work as a dam and create backwater on the level of flow of 15 metres per second.
From autumn to spring the roof covering is installed above together with the lighting and a heating system. It is the only in the world solution of this type.
Perfect technical state, and good conditions for training make Polish top competitors and prize-winners in worldwide competitions and Olympic Games medal winners to come here not only during International Kayak Competitions.
All those interested in recreation and practicing water sports are invited by the Kolna Sport and Recreation Centre to the kayak route. Offered events comprise among others: kayak trips and water rodeo shows. Rafting is exceptionally interesting. A trip in pontoon for several passengers on white water at the mountain kayak route guarantees unforgettable experience.
For the exemplary project of the sport's object and its impeccable realisation the Municipality of Krakow received the prize "Good PPP Practices" in the category "Sports and Recreation Infrastructure".