Route description

The route of ?Three mounds Run? counts about 13 kilometres. The runners start the competition from the Krakus Mound. They have to reach the finishing line situated at the foot of Piłsudski Mound in the statutory 2,5 hours time.



Start: at the foot of Krakus Mound  (Lasota Hill, 271 m above sea level)

Route: Maryewski Street, al. Pod Kopcem Avenue, Za Torem Street, footbridge over al. Powstańców Wielkopolskich Avenue, al. Dembowskiego Avenue, Parkowa Street, Rynek Podgórski, Staromostowa Street, Przy Moście Street, Piłsudski Bridge (right side of the pavement in the direction of Starowiślna Street, behind the bridge turn right) , Podgórska Street (and down the ramp), Bulwar Inflancki (199 m above sea level and further down the Vistula banks), Flisacka Street, Kościuszki Street (down the pavement until Klasztor Norbertanek), św. Bronisławy Street, al. Waszyngtona Avenue (at the foot of Kościuszko Mount - up the św. Bronisławy Hill (333 m above sea level) and further down al. Waszyngtona Avenue until Starowolska) , green tourist track until al. Do Kopca.

Finishing line: at the foot of Piłsudski Mount (Sowiniec Hill 358 m above sea level

Length of the route: about 13 km

Map of the route

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