Polish volleyball players got to the finales of World Championships

We watched the performance of Daniel Pliński in the Polish representation of volleyballers during the qualifications to the world championships in Gdynia with pleasure.

The Polish volleyballers defeated first Slovenia 3-0, then Slovakia 3-1 and France 3-0. They won first award and got the promotion to the next year’s finals which will be held in Italy. Pliński – a special guest and the star of the II Grand Prix Poland for Cracow President’s Cup in beach volleyball organized by the Board of Sports Infrastructure and Sports Club Wanda in Nowa Huta – has an enormous input in the team’s success. It can be easily seen that he didn’t waste his time after the exhausting season in the team PGE Skra Bełchatów. He regenerated and reinforced his stamina during the break and got ready to the most important sports events in the upcoming year.


- Seven weeks of vacation is enough, now is the time for hard work. I have never had such a long holiday before and the coach Daniel Castellani has been very supportive. The worst part is that I am so addicted to volleyball that I want to start playing after two or three days of break. However, I was supposed to take some time off, regenerate my organism.  In my opinion my colleagues played very well in the World League. It would be wonderful if they defeaedt Brasil. But it would be a real miracle anyway. We just have to win over Slovakia here in Gdynia to gain the promotion to the Word Championships in Italy. - said Daniel Pliński.