Slalom Kayaking: Dynamism and Technique

International Kayak Regatta for the Mayor of Krakow?s Cup, organized on the territory of the Kolna Sport and Recreation Centre in Krakow, is an exceptionally spectacular event. Slalom kayaking is a dynamic and technical domain of sports, where often splits of seconds decide who is the winner and who is the looser.

Slalom kayaking is a sports domain where participants in a kayak or in a canoe cope with the current of the river: they paddle against the current or towards its direction. Its debut as an Olympic discipline took place in 1972 at Olympic Games in Munich.
About 300 participants from Poland and from all over the world regularly participate in the cyclic event in Krakow which is gaining increasing popularity. Kayak Regatta are organized on the mountain kayak route located at the complex at Kolna belonging to the prestigious group of the most modern in the world objects of this type. Similar objects are located in Athens and Sydney. The 320 metres long Kayak Route is equipped with mobile water installations with the possibility of their modification; they can work as a dam and create backwater on the level of flow of 15 metres per second.
"Kolna constitutes a good training base; however, in the slalom, routes have to be often modified in order to rapidly adapt to new conditions", says Grzegorz Wójs, participant in the Regatta for the Mayor of Krakow's Cup in Slalom Kayaking in 2011.
Regatta in slalom kayaking is organized in five competitions: canoe and single kayaks of men and women and in double kayaks of men. This year's edition was exceptional in terms of the number of competitions. It has been the first time the competition for women in a very technically demanding category of individual canoes has been organized.
Three days long competitions start on Friday, when participants commence their intense training prior to the main competition. On Saturday, qualifications for the competitions take place, next, competitions in specific domains are organized, that is finals in International Slalom Kayak Regatta.