League speedway has came back to Cracow!

On Easter Monday, 5th of April, after five years of break, Cracow's speedway fans have been able to see the league struggle on Wanda stadium at Odmogile Street 1b. Players of Speedway Wanda Cracow competed in first match of II league with the favourite Orzeł Łódź.

Carried with doping of crowd gathered in large numbers on the tribunes the home team have been riding very well and fought till the end, but finally suffered a minimal defeat 44-46. The president of Cracow Jacek Majchrowski visited the spot to cut the symbolic ribbon placed on the start line and reminded the crowd that the Cracow Municipality contributed to the return of  the „black sport" to Cracow by modernization of the Wanda Stadium.

Board of Sports Infrastructure in Cracow which represents the Cracow Municipality made a new syenite track surface together with the railing, safety zones and did the renovation of machine park. Additionally, a new sports hotel was opened. President of Cracow Jacek Majchrowski have also announced that the lighting will be ready for the final round of II league contest and will allow to run races in the evening hours. Undoubtedly the artificial lighting will make the matches more spectacular. The light masts that will be mounted on the Wanda Stadium had been used by the footballers from the Wisła Municipal Stadium named after Henryk Reyman.