IX Cracovia Marathon Statute


1. The event takes place under the patronage of the President of Cracow.
2. The organizer of IX Cracovia Marathon is Cracow Municipality, The Board of Sports Infrastructure in Cracow.
3. The sports patron of Cracovia Marathon is Robert Korzeniowski


1. IX Cracovia Marathon takes place 25 April, 2010.

2. The participants start from Aleja 3 Maja street on Krakowskie Błonia at 9.30 a.m.

3. The finish of the marathon is on Aleja 3 Maja street on Krakowskie Błonia.
4. The length of the marathon's route is 42,195 km. The route has the AIMS and PZLA certificates.

5. The participants are lined up at the start in following order:
a. the participants on the wheelchairs
b. the participants with the number from 1 to 50 and further the rest of participants of the run on the pavement

6. The route will be marked by each kilometer: from 1 to 42.

7. The nutrition points will be situated at
5, 2 km, 10,2 km, 15, 2 km, 20,2 km, 25, 2km, 30,2 km, 35, 2 km, 40,2 km kilometer. There will be cups with mineral still water on the first table, cups with isotonic drink on the second table and the fruits on the third table. The tables will be situated in 10 m distance. Attention! The organizer doesn't take any private nutritients from the participants.

8. The refreshment points will be situated at:
7, 5 km, 12, 5 km, 17, 5 km, 22,5 km, 27,5 km, 32,5 km, 37, 5km kilometer and will be equipped with sponges and bowls with water.
9. The first-aid stations will be situated 100 meters behind each nutrition point and will be served by medical rescuers. There will be toilets behind the first-aid stations.
1. To participate in IX Cracovia Marathon the participant must have finished 18 years old by 25 april, 2010.

2. The term of participation in IX Cracovia Marathon is to fulfill the application by 24 April, 2010 before 09:00 p.m.

3. During the registration the participants are obliged to sign the declaration that they know the possible dangers concerning the start in the marathon and that their health condition allows them to compete in the run. Provided there are doubts in regard to the participant's health condition and his or her participation in the competition, the participant is obliged to consult the doctor before the start of the marathon.

4. The time and order measurement during IX Cracovia Marathon will be made by the means of electronic time measurement system.
Each participant will be given a chip which will have to be properly adjusted. False adjustment of the chip will result in withdrawal from the participation as well as from the final classification of participants.

5. The classification of the participant is possible under the condition of accomplishing the run on the strictly established marathon's route and accomplishing the run in the statutory time of 5 hours and 30 minutes. The participants which would be caught while shortening up the route will be immediately disqualified. The participants which would not accomplish the run by 3 p.m. are obliged to stop the run and they can be transported to the finishing line by the vehicle marked ‘End of the Marathon'. Whoever remains on the route after 3 p.m., does it on their own responsibility according to the highway code and civil code.

6. During the run the participants are obliged to remain obedient to people responsible for safety, that is safety services and people working in the name of the organizer.

7. Under no condition is the usage of any vehicles possible (the exceptions are the wheelchairs used by the participants and the vehicles of the organizers).

8. The cloakroom and storage room for clothes will be situated close to the start line. The participants can leave there their private stuff packed into the bags (bags will be delivered by the organizers). The cloakroom and the storage room will be open 25 April since 7:00 a.m. until 4.00 p.m. The participants will gain the bag after showing the entry number. The organizers don't take responsibility for the loss of entry number's certificate and handing over the stuff to wrong person.

9. The participants agree to process their private data and their public image in the advertisement and promotional materials by the organizers of the marathon.

10. Under no condition can the participants under the influence of alcohol or drugs take part in the marathon.

11. The organizer doesn't take any responsibility in case of unfortunate accidents during the marathon.

12. Passing away the entry number to another person will result in disqualification of the participant.

13. The participants disqualified in other running events cannot take part in Cracovia Marathon until the disqualification terminates.

1. The applications for participation in IX Cracovia Marathon are registered:
a. on the web site of Cracovia Marathon by 22 April, 2010 before 12.00 a.m.
b. in the Championship's Office on 23 and 24 April, 2010

2. The verification of the participants, collecting the starter packages together with entry numbers and complimentary applications will be held in the Championship's Office.
Each participant has to collect the starter package personally. To collect the starter package, the participant will have to show the ID or the passport together with the payment's certificate (the certificate has to be shown by non-verified participants).

3. The Championship's Office will be situated inside the Marathon'
s Village on Krakowskie Błonia at Al. 3 Maja street. The opening days and hours:
23.04.2010 between 12:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
24.04.2010 between 10:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
25.04.2010 between 6:00 - 8:00 a.m.

4. The accepted application must consist of properly fulfilled application form, the declaration signed by the participant and paid entry fee (except for those who have been exempted from the entry fee) The organizers don't take responsibility for lost applications.

5. The entry fee for Polish citizens and foreigners temporarily or permanently living in Poland is (in accordance to the date of payment):
before 31.01.2010 the entry fee is 50 PLN
80 PLN - before  31 March 2010
120 PLN - between 1 and 22 April 2010
150 PLN - between 23-24 April 2010

6. The entry fee for the participants from other countries regarding the date of payment is:
20 Euro - before 31 March 2010
30 Euro - between 1-22 April 2010
40 Euro - between 23-24 April 2010

7. On the day of marathon's start the Marathon's Office hands over only the starter packages. There is no possibility of signing in and paying the entry fee.

8. The entry fee should be paid: Opłatę startową należy wpłacać:
a. on the bank account before 20 April, 2010
b. in the Marathon's Office between 23 and 24 April, 2010
The participants who want to receive the VAT certificate should deliver their data to the organizers at last seven days after the date of the payment.

9. The number of the bank account for payments in PLN and Euro:

Receiver: Zarząd Infrastruktury Sportowej w Krakowie

Address: Walerego Sławka 10, 30-633 Kraków
Bank Pekao S.A. o/Kraków 19 1240 4432 1111 0010 2296 0013
19 1240 4432 1111 0010 2296 0013
Title of payment: "Entry fee Cracovia Maraton for...." (instead of points please write your full name)

10. On no account can the entry fee be returned.

11. The participants exempted from the fee are:
- disabled persons,
- participants who turn 60 years old on the day of marathon,

- guests of the organizers,

- the winners of Crown of Polish Marathons,
- the guides for disabled persons regarding the lack of eyesight

12. Director of IX Cracovia Marathon
has the right to exempt him from the entry fee based on the written request of the participant.

13. The entry fee includes the re
ceiving of the starter package. The starter package includes:

- T-Shirt
- only for first 3250 person who pay entry fee
- bag for storage of clothes and private stuff
- promotional materials

What is more:
- taking part in Pasta Party
- the possibility of free accommodation in the sports hall
- drinks and food at the finishing line


1. During Cracovia Marathon the following classification will be held:
a. General of Women and Men
b. According to the age categories of Women and Men
W 18-29 M 18-29
W 30-39 M 30-39
W 40-49 M 40-49
W 50-59 M 50-59
W 60-69 M-60-69
W 70 and older M 70 and older
c. Open concerning the disabled participants in the categories of Women and Men according to the type of wheelchair:




d. Open concerning the disabled participants - in respect to the eyesight disability in the categories of Women and Men:
·    The participants with major disability

•    The participants with
moderate disability

The participants are obliged to show the actual document skating the major Or moderate disability in respect to the eyesight disability, for example PZN membership card, the medical certificate.
e. Polish Military Championship

1. Participants who accomplishes the run in the statutory time will receive the commemorative medal.
2. The prizes sponsored by the patrons of marathon in the general Women and Men classification:
Attachment 1

4. Financial prizes in the age categories for Women and Men for:
I   place   600 PLN
 II  place  500 PLN
 III place  400 PLN
 IV place  300 PLN
 V  place  200 PLN
 VI place  100 PLN

5. The participants who receive the prizes in the general category don't receive the prizes in the age category. Those prizes are then given to the participants whose names and scores are further on the classification list in their own age category.

6. The receiving of the prizes is possible on condition of accomplishing the route in the statutory time and negative drug test. The prizes are not tax-free and the tax will be executed according to the actual tax regulations.

7. Accordingly:
a) The Championship Cups sponsored by Cracow City will be given to:
- the winners of three first places in the general Women and Men category
- the eldest female and male participant of the marathon
- the disabled
winner of three first places in all categories
b) The statuettes sponsored by Cracow City will be given to:
- the winner of particular age categories in the marathon

8. The value of the prizes in the category of disabled pe ople sponsored by the patrons of marathon in general Women and Men classification *the organizer reserves the right to give the prizes to the participants behind the third place

I place - 2000PLN
IIplace - bonds - 700PLN
III place - bonds- 500PLN
a. Hand Bike
b. Rim Push
c. Active Wcheelchair
d. The participants with major disability in respect to the eyesight disability
e. The participants with moderate disability in respect to the eyesight disability

9. At least three participants in each category has to Take part on the competition for the classification to be in force.


1. The Organizers provides within the entry fee the free accommodation in the sports hall of Sports Society ‘Wisła' under following address: Reymonta 22 (street) in Cracow. The participants should bring their own carrimats and sleeping bags. There will be showers and toilets available in the sports hall.

2. The participants will be welcomed in the hall since 6 p.m. until 10 p.m. on 24 April, 2010. The participants of IX Cracovia Marathon who request the accommodation the night before the marathon will be redirected to places with accommodation facilities.

3. On 24 April between 6 and 9 p.m. in the Marathon Village on Krakowskie Błonia the ‘Pasta Party' will be held. The party will be open to each verified participant of the marathon.

4. Similarly to former editions of the marathon, the Organizer tries to gain some
reduction concerning MPK (municipal communication) tickets. The information over possible discount will be announced on the website.

1. The costs of the IX Cracovia Marathon's organization are covered by Cracow Municipality, the sponsors and Partners

2. The costs of entry fee and other communication fees are covered by the participants (in groups or individually)


1. The participants of IX Cracovia Marathon are obliged to comply with PZLA and IAAF regulations as well as following statute.

2. The participants are obliged to have the entry numbers given by the organizer attache to the front side of the T-shirt during the run. Covering the entry number partly or completely is illegal and results in disqualification of the participant.

3. The organizers doesn't equip the participants with the wheelchairs, the tools necessary for disabled participants or the technical service for the participants on wheelchairs.

4. The written complaints after paying 100 PLN
deposit are collected by the Marathon's Office before 4 p.m. on the day of the marathon. The deposit is returned after positive examination of a claim.

5. Director of IX Cracovia Marathon reserves the right of changing the statute and informing the participants before the start of the event.

6. Collecting the starter package is equivalent to accepting the statute of the marathon.