Hutnik ? Kmita Zabierzów: defeat on inauguration

On Holy Saturday, 3rd of April the footballers of Hutnik Cracow have played their first meeting as hosts on spring round of Lesser Poland and Świętokrzyska III League. On Suche Stawy - the Stadium modernized by the Board of Sports Infrastructure in Cracow by the means of 6,55 million zloty - Hutnik has undertook their local rival Kmita Zabierzów.

The weather at that day was beautiful and the new sward was looking fabulously in the sun beams. Unfortunately, the hosts had to suffer the loss 1-2.

Until the break Hutnik was leading (1-0) and the first goal (on the pitch that has been adjusted to the preferences of the extra class) was shot by Michał Krawczyk. However, the second half has shown that the rookies from Nowa Huta, even with addition from Krzysztof Przytuła (ex-player of Cracovia, Arka Gdynia, Pogoń Szczecin who was playing a role of a captain on Saturday) are not in a shape to stand the effort of playing a whole III league match.

In 58 minute Suder and in 80 minute Piotr Powroźnik (captain) have shoot goals for guests and Kmite have celebrated their victory. Better physical condition and stamina have decided about the win but - as the Hutnik's trainer Leszek Janiczak said - time works for them and let hope that the young team from Suche Stawy will be playing continuously better and better, which will bring better results.


Because of Extra Class meetings, which Cracovia and Wisła will be playing on Hutnik's Stadium, until the end of III league spring round of Polish Championships, all the Hutnik's matches will be taking place besides weekends. The nearest Hutnik host match is going to take place on Monday, 19th of April, at 18:00. Their rival will be Unia Tarnów.