Description of the Regatta Cup

Cracow President?s Cup Regatta and Cracow Slaloms are the internationally respected sports events which have been taking place in Cracow each year since 2002. They are organized on Mountain Canoeing Lane (Tor Kajakarstwa Górskiego) next to the Kościuszko Dam (Stopień Wodny Kościuszko) on Vistula river.

Regatta in Cracow remains one of the major events which is regularly visited by the authorities of Polish sports scene, International Canoe Federation (ICF) and European Canoe Association (ECA).

The canoe slalom competitions is divided into following categories

  • K1 men / male juniors/ male seniors
  • K1 women / female juniors/ female seniors
  • C1 men / male juniors/ male seniors
  • C2 men / male juniors/ male seniors
These competitions have already formed a permanent event in the schedule of International Canoe Federation (ICF).

They provide the sportsmen from different countries (for example Italy, the Netherlands, Ireland, Hungary, Austria, Russia, Belarus or Slovakia) with opportunities for sports rivalry and promote the canoe lane as the entertainment centre among citizens of Cracow.

We expect that each of the two-day canoeing competitions will be watched by about 2,000 supporters. There will be the invited Honorary Guests, representatives of sponsors and media among them as well as the members of other sports clubs, friends, canoe lovers, families and acquaintances of the participants and the citizens of Cracow city.

The event involves not only sports rivalry but many recreational attractions together with barbecue outdoor party. It enables young people from Cracow and whole Europe to get together and to feel the magnificent atmosphere of the city as well as to promote the canoe lane among the citizens of Cracow.

Cracow President's Cup Regatta is the event under the honorary patronage of President of Cracow City.