Crown of Polish Marathons

According to the rule of collecting and systematizing the achievements, similarly to the ?Crown of Polish Mountains? or the ?Crown of the Himalayas?, we introduce the badge called the ?Crown of Polish Marathons?, hereinafter called the Badge.

In all sports disciplines, just as in alpinism, people are constantly setting new records and the best ones are being replaced by even better ones. The same counts for running marathons. However, just few participants happen to set the new time records on the distance of 42,195 km.

Most of the marathon's participants pay attention not only to their scores, but foremost to the participation itself. Taking part in a marathon is equal to the satisfactory feeling of overcoming your weakness and reaching the finishing line in the statutory time. For those, who are not satisfied enough with taking part in some accidentally chosen marathons organized all over Poland, we have the proposition of participation in five marathons. Those five marathons are regarded as the largest in our country and they have acceded to the Badge. These marathons include:

  1. Dębno Marathon
  2. Cracovia Marathon
  3. Warsaw Marathon
  4. Poznan Marathon
  5. Wroclaw Marathon
The conditions of obtaining the Crown of Polish Marathons' Badge:

1. Acquiring the Badge is possible only under the condition of accomplishing aforementioned marathons during two consecutive calendar years and sending the appropriate application form to ‘Cracovia Marathon' Office in Cracow.

2. The deadline for submitting the application form is 30 June after the end of the second calendar year  to which the form applies. Provided that the marathons were accomplished in 2008 and 2009, the form must be sent by 30 June 2010.

3. The Office will collect the received forms and prepare the list of prize-winners after checking the application forms. Such lists will provide the basis for granting the Badge, on condition that the binding representatives of marathons, who sit on the committee of the ‘Crown of Polish Marathons', confirm it.

4. The verification process of sent application forms will take about 6 to 8 weeks since the date of delivering them to the Office.

5. The Office is not responsible for the loss of the application forms due to the Post Office.

6. The badge and the diploma will be sent by post to the address stated in the application form.

7. Other ways of awarding the Badge winners are possible provided that all the organizers agree.