Cracovia Marathon: Activity, Fun, Attractions!

The Cracovia Marathon constitutes a veritable festival of sport, a social event aiming at popularization of running as the easiest form of physical activity among citizens of Krakow and the Małopolska Voivodeship. Thanks to fantastic organization of the main run and the accompanying events, the run attracts to Krakow hundreds of participants accompanied by fans and tourists.

Cracovia Marathon, organized since 2002, constitutes one of the biggest running events in Poland. It takes place under the slogan “With History in the Background” (pl. „Z historią w tle”). Runners face marathon distance of 42 km and 195 m among beautiful ancient spots of Krakow, and since 2005 also among Nowa Huta. This exceptional marathon has already ten-years-old tradition, which not only influences its position in the ranking of national marathons, but also proves the professionalism of its organization. The element which distinguishes the Krakow marathon is the atmosphere accompanying the runners’ effort. It is accompanied by located in the Krakow Błonie the Cracovia Marathon town with the EXPO tent, where visitors can watch interesting presentations of distinguished companies.

Moreover, near this town there is the start and finish line of accompanying events. It is a convenient place for all supporters and tourists. Here, one day earlier, accompanying events gaining increasing popularity take place: Piotr Gładki Mini Marathon and the roller blades Marathon. The first listed event is a family run at the distance of 4.2 km, its route leads along alleys around Błonie. The start is in the region of entrance to the Jordan Park and the finish line is the same as for the main run of the Cracovia Marathon. This run is organized to commemorate Piotr Gładki, the only Polish winner of the Cracovia Marathon who died tragically in a car accident.

Participants of the roller blades Marathon have to succeed on the marathon distance. About 400 people participate in the roller blades marathon. Even more impressive is the fact that the best runners can achieve the finish line of 42 km and 195 m in a bit more than an hour. The tradition for marathons is organizing prior to the marathon day a large feast for all participants in order to increase their integration, it is called the Pasta Party. During this meeting among others presentation of the T-shirt takes place, and peacemakers of the run. The Cracovia Marathon belongs to the top of the largest events of this type in Poland. Together with the marathon in Dębno, Poznań, Wrocław and Warsaw, it constitutes the so-called Crown of Polish Marathons. However, due to its exceptional culture, landscape qualities, great organization and perfect atmosphere Krakow attracts fans of running sports.